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Our Jeep Stories

Josh's Jeep Story

I bought my first Jeep about 10 years ago. It was a red 1997 TJ four-banger. It was pretty basic. It didn’t even have air conditioning but I loved it nonetheless. It lived pretty much full time topless. I had wanted a Jeep since high school but never pulled the trigger. I kept my red TJ mostly stock other than removing the old carpet and lining the tub. I ended up having it for about 2 years until I got the opportunity to upgrade to to a tan 2002 TJ Sport with a straight 6.

I had my second TJ until mid 2019. I did quite a bit more with it. I fixed a lot of minor issues in the interior, added a 4 inch Zone Off-Road suspension lift and added new 35s with new matte black wheels. It was a great jeep that I enjoyed thoroughly. That 4.0 liter straight-six ran like a top. What a great Mopar engine. But alas, my wife had hard-timed me about getting rid of it because it was a manual transmission and she refused to even try to learn to drive a standard. Luckily, I did convince her our family would not be complete without a Jeep.

So, in 2019 we welcomed our new jeep to the family a 2008 black JKU.  We haven’t had our JKU long but we are already well on the way with mods. Brand new charcoal JL takeoff wheels and tires, check. A new JL Rubicon takeoff front bumper, check. A new Pioneer double din touch screen head unit with a backup camera, check. All new LED headlights, flood lights, front and rear blacked out LED turn signals/break lights, check. We’ll do more mods in the future, but a new sun shade to keep the sun out of my wife and daughter’s faces and she’s ready to go for now. We look forward to seeing you at a Tampa Jeep Krewe or other Jeep event sometime soon.

Josh is a partner in the well respected Tampa Bay regional, full-service law firm of Johnson, Pope, Bokor, Ruppel & Burns, LLP with offices in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater.

 Dan's Jeep Story

I bought my first and only Jeep 21 years ago. My 98 TJ is my daily driver. Its a manual and has the ever running inline six engine. I bought it at Ferman Jeep and fell in love the first time I drove over the bridge back to Pinellas. I didn't modify it too much until it was about 14 years old or so. 

I love driving without the top especially with my Dalmatians, Pandora and Webster. The Jeep is about the only way they know to travel. I've done most of the modifications myself or with a couple sucker friends. It has a Zone Off-road 4.25 combo life and 35" tires. I'm changed brakes, spark plugs, the radiator and even removed my transmission. Getting it back in was another problem!


I've taken her off road a few times but I have to admit I'm not that great at it and I don't like the Jeep in the shop so I stick to the pavement mostly these days. Plus, those trails tend to bounce the Spots like a broken trampoline!

Very few things in life define me, but my Jeep is one of them. I can live where-ever, do whatever for a living as long as I have my Jeep & Spots, I'm happy. I love talking Jeeps with people in the office, beach or at the gas station. I'm looking forward to many more fun Jeep experiences to come!

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